Patricia was the Personal Assistant to Robert Bateman, North America's renowned Canadian artist.

As a photographer, she travelled extensively with Robert – the photos appeared in various publications including Robert Bateman books, the Smithsonian Museum and Maclean's Magazine and as a cook where she honed her talents for vegetarian cuisine and favoured Robert's sweet tooth.

Patricia attended George Brown College and finally pursued her dream of teaching others how to cook, create and plate with a unique visual presentation.

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Our Appreciative Clientele

That's The Extra Touch

Thank you so much for catering my wife's 40th birthday celebration. Many told me it was the best celebratory feast they had ever tasted. You and your staff made the night much easier for me and we continue to talk about the table decor, flavourful food, designer cake and of course everyone loved the cupcake takeaways .... that's the extra touch

Your presentation and food were outstanding because your attention to detail is just unbelievable. I appreciate all your hard work and patience you demonstrated throughout this process. You have our admiration!

Thanks are one of a kind.
~~John Miller

A Wonderful and Delicious Afternoon!

Thank you so much for a wonderful, and delicious, afternoon! As always, your staff was fabulous, the menu was a crowd pleaser and everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

We all came away with a little more knowledge about cooking and each other, and were fabulously fed in the process
~~AstraZeneca Canada

The Evening Was A Success

Thank you! The team thoroughly enjoyed the evening – it was truly the highlight of our 2-day workshop! The evening was a success
~~Vice President, Bell Canada

The Best Local Event We've Had

Thanks very much for the recipes from our event with Cook Gourmet! I'm looking forward to preparing and sharing them with my family.
My boss said it was probably the best local event we've had and the others echo his sentiments. Thanks so much for making our group meeting so memorable!! Look forward to seeing you again soon!"
~~Executive, Mead Johnson



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