Private Dinners


Hire a Personal Chef and Enjoy A Fabulous Dinner or Cocktail Party at Your Home!

A Personal Chef provides a wonderful culinary experience with a great gift of time and ease for the Host.

Why Hire a Personal Chef? ​

  • You want to dine with a culinary flair
  • No time to cook
  • You're having a cocktail party and would rather enjoy the party than plan and cook
  • ​You want a customized menu designed to your specific time
  • Waiting for a table at a noisy restaurant is stressing you out
  • You have a full time job and do not have time to prepare for a dinner party
  • You want to spend more quality time with your family
  • You hate cooking or don't know how
  • You want to impress your family or friends
  • Your spouse just called and needs to host a corporate event
  • You're not a big fan of grocery shopping
  • Did I mention time?

If you appreciate great food, enjoy personalized service and want more time in your busy schedule, a Personal Chef is exactly what you need.